Penny Postcards

Lewis County

Main Street, Centralia N.P.P.R. Depot, Centralia
Main Street, Centralia WA N.P.P.R Depot, Centralia WA
Beautiful Homes Chehalis WA
Beautiful Homes, Centralia WA Unknown
Southwest WA Fair Grounds Mt. Rainier
Southwest Washington Fair Grounds Mt. Rainier & Paradise Valley, WA
Factory Section, Chehalis
Factory Section, Chehalis, WA Chehalis Avenue
State Industrial School, Chehalis
Furniture Factory, Chehalis, WA State Industrial School, Chehalis, WA
HS Building, Chehalis Market Stree, Chehalis
High School Building, Chehalis, WA Market Street, Chehalis, WA
State Training School, Chehalis Washington School, Centralia
State Training School, Chehalis, WA Washington School, Centralia, WA
McKinley Stump Truck Logging
McKinley Stump, Chehalis, WA Truck Logging, Western Washington



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Research Cost is $10.00 per hour plus copy fees and postage. Please send your research request and $10.00 check or money order to:

Lewis County Genealogical Society
Attn: Margie Lloyd
P. O. Box 782
Chehalis, WA 98532

Include all pertinent information i.e. Date of Birth, Date of Death, Place of Death, First Name, and Last Name.

A SASE would speed up the process.